Cost of Doing Business / Taxes

Georgia’s low corporate tax rate is 6 percent; the single factor apportionment formula applies the corporate tax rate only to gross receipts or sales in Georgia, significantly reducing the tax rate of Effingham County companies with substantial sales to customers outside of Georgia.

Taxes on real estate and tangible personal property are levied by the cities of Guyton and Springfield, Effingham County, Effingham County Health System, Effingham County Industrial Development, and the Effingham County School District. The taxes are collected by the County, except for those levied by the City of Springfield. The tax rates are set annually, but do not significantly change from year to year. All properties are assessed at 40% of fair market value.

Voters in Effingham County have allowed a 100% Freeport Exemption (ad valorem tax exemption) for work in process, raw materials and finished goods destined to be shipped out of state.

Property Tax Millage Rates
City of Guyton 2.720
City of Rincon 0
City of Springfield 4.800
Effingham County 8.337
Effingham County Schools 17.500
Effingham Health System 2.310
Effingham Industrial Development Authority 2.000

Sales tax in Effingham County is 7%: 4% state, 3% local.