Workforce / Education & Training

Labor in Effingham County, Georgia includes technical and skilled labor for advanced manufacturing and technology, including aerospace manufacturing.

Effingham County’s place within the Savannah, Georgia labor market gives employers access to higher skilled white-collar workers as well. The Effingham County labor force is an educated one, with more than half having some college coursework. More than 15 colleges and universities offer degree, diploma and certificate programs in the metro Savannah area.

Savannah Technical College has a campus in the Effingham Industrial Park’s Technical Training Campus, offering college classes in the fields of Allied Health, Business and Technology, Industrial and Public Services, and General Education. Savannah Technical College develops programs that are designed to meet the changing needs of the regional economy with the flexibility and creativity necessary to sustain the workforce of the future.

New and expanding businesses in Effingham County may qualify for free pre- and post-employment training for employees through Georgia’s Quick Start program, consistently recognized in the top three of training programs in the U.S.

    • Pre-employment training is available using industry-specific certificate programs administered through Savannah Technical College.
    • Post-employment training through the Quick Start program is customized to the specific needs of a company. This process involves conducting a training needs analysis of the jobs within the company, developing a detailed training plan, and finally, conducting the training.

Quick Start can customize training in industries as varied as Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive, Aviation, Bioscience, Business Operations, Food Processing, and Distribution. Quick Start is designed to be flexible and to respond immediately to each company's needs. Training can take place at the company’s Effingham County facility or at a location arranged by Quick Start. The training schedules are also very flexible.

Effingham County Schools

The education of children has always been important to Effingham County residents. It is our school system's vision to equip students to compete in our global society as evidenced by ranking in the top 15% of districts in the state. This means providing rigorous and relevant instruction to enable all students to obtain a high school diploma as a foundation for post-secondary success. The district operates eight elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools and a college and career academy, and enrolls more than 11,000 students. The graduation rate is 88.8%.

To help prepare students for the workforce, Effingham County Schools participate in Georgia’s Dual Enrollment program, which allows high school students to take degree-level core courses through Savannah Technical College and earn college and high school credit simultaneously. Students can also take occupational classes with a Savannah Tech diploma or technical certificate program, gaining hands-on experience and a jumpstart in a career.

The newest edition to the Effingham Industrial Park’s Technical Training Campus is the Effingham Career Academy. Students are given access to the newest technology, programming and equipment to help prepare them for their future careers. The building itself also uses the newest technologies, boasting a LEED Gold Certification from the United States Green Building Council. At the Effingham Career Academy, students are given every opportunity to excel and become educated future citizens and skilled workers in Effingham County.